Current Date:July 23, 2024

The Best Jesus Shirts From Christian Clothing Brands

Designed to be worn as a statement piece in your wardrobe, these funny Jesus shirts are sure to get you laughs and start conversations with strangers. Whether you’re raising your tribe on Jesus vibes or just need some coffee in your day, we have the perfect tee for you! Show your support for small businesses with these tees. Each shirt features a different message, and proceeds from each sale go to the business owner.

Jesus Loves You

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your best friend, Funny Jesus Shirts are a great way to share the love of God. They can help start conversations and show that you’re fearless in your faith. Kerusso – One of the most popular Christian clothing brands, Kerusso is dedicated to evangelism through their t-shirt designs. They encourage their customers to engage in “T-shirt evangelism” by starting conversations with strangers that lead to them inviting them to church or to become Christians themselves.

316TEES – A veteran-owned Christian apparel brand, 316TEES features designs that align with God & Country and support the One Kingdom Ministry and Coreluv International. They’re proud to partner with organizations that invest in and equip leaders to advance the Gospel around the world, as well as restore communities affected by natural disasters.

Jesus Is King

A lot of T-shirt companies get so absorbed with sales numbers and bottom lines that they forget about the bigger picture. They forget that what they’re really selling isn’t a shirt, but a bold proclamation of God’s kingdom. Jesus came in fulfillment of Old Testament promises that He would be king of Israel. But He also knows that His kingship is bigger than Jewish, and it’s international.

If you make Jesus king of your life, He rules every area of your existence and gives you wisdom and courage to be His witness to the world. He brings you joy, too. But if you prefer your career, family, hobbies, and money more than Him, you’re living in a counterfeit kingdom. Repent and accept His kingship today!

Jesus Vibes

If you’re a Christian and enjoy sharing your faith, these fun Jesus shirts are a great way to do that. They can turn heads and start conversations that may lead to people discovering Jesus for themselves. Kerusso – This small company believes in “T-shirt evangelism.” Their goal is to spread the word of God through these simple designs. The proceeds from their shirts are used to support ministry causes.

Disciple Threads – This veteran owned brand is all about sharing the gospel through rad apparel. Their founders love heavy music, tattoos, and black t-shirts. They believe that these styles aren’t “of this world.” 316Tees – This growing veteran-owned brand carries some of the best Christian T-shirts around. They have designs inspired by legacy brands like C28, NOTW, and Sanctify Clothing.

Bless Your Heart

Southern mothers, aunts, and grandmothers are all well-versed in the language of “bless your heart.” It is a phrase that conveys a sincere wish for someone to overcome a difficult situation. It is also a kind of theological shortcut that allows us to acknowledge that, even in our best efforts, we are flawed. 316Tees is an up-and-coming veteran-owned brand that features designs that are bold proclamations of Christian faith. They also give a portion of every purchase to charities like Coreluv International and One Kingdom Ministry.

Their line of shirts features many popular designs, including ones that parody secular designs. Their tees have quickly become a favorite among Christians and non-Christians alike. Their prices are reasonable and the quality is excellent. They also offer free layaway and special orders.

Jesus And Coffee

Christian clothing companies can get so caught up in trying to beat out the competition and increasing sales numbers that they lose sight of what really matters. They have an amazing opportunity to plant seeds of faith that could grow into something much bigger than their own company or even their own beliefs.

Disciple Threads is one example of a small, yet booming, Christian Clothing Brands that truly cares about the message they are sharing. They embrace the idea of “rad apparel” and use their passion for heavy music, tattoos, and black t-shirts to share a positive message that Jesus loves outcasts. They also make an effort to include a personalized note with each order shipped out. They call it T-shirt evangelism, and they make no apology for it.


In a world often filled with challenges, finding moments of joy in the expression of our faith can be a powerful source of inspiration. The emergence of Funny Jesus Shirts from top Christian Clothing Brands serves as a reminder that spirituality can be lighthearted and humorous. As we navigate the complexities of life, let’s not forget to appreciate the laughter that comes from the fusion of our deep-rooted beliefs and the lighter moments that make us human. These shirts not only make a fashion statement but also invite us to share a chuckle with the Almighty, reinforcing the idea that a joyful heart is indeed good medicine. So, embrace the divine humor, wear it with pride, and let your faith shine with a smile.