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Drew Sidora And Ty Young

When Drew Sidora allied The Real Housewives of Atlanta, her marital problems became a major part of her description. Since later, rumors have swirled that she cheated as regards husband Ralph Pittman following professional basketball performer Ty Young. At the RHOA reunion, Sheree Whitfield reveals that someone dropped off receipts taking into account than personal text messages along amid Drew and Ty. Rasheeda Frost weighs in happening for the matter.

RHOA Reunion Teaser: Drew Sidora Reveals Shes Dating Ty Young

A lot has happened during the course of season 15 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Not lonesome was Drew Sidora divorcing her husband, but shes been associated to a former WNBA artist and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, Ty Young. During the RHOA reunion, Sheree Whitfield brought going on receipts that she claims to have of private text messages surrounded by Drew and Ty. Andy Cohen dubbed them totally incriminating and Drew started getting emotional.

Throughout the course of the reunion, Sheree and totaling cast members began to aerate more and more more or less Drews alleged affair as soon as Ty. When the conversation turned to the the theater surrounding her in-the-works divorce from Ralph Pittman, she denied that she ever kissed LaToya Howard, and she plus sidestepped rumors of her involvement in girl-as regards-woman appear in following the former basketball star. Then, Sheree brought out her receipts  printouts of text conversations in the company of Drew and Ty. Sheree claims that she believes that a profound person dropped them off at her residence.

While she denies that the texts are hers, Drew admits to a few of the cast members that she did have a defeat around Ty at one mitigation. She says that she told a few people practically him, but subsequently she over and ended together surrounded by occurring creature invited to set by Ty himself and she had to decrease the rumor train. She also confirms that she by yourself attended one of Tys games, and reveals that she didnt even know that he was a basketball artist until she met him regarding the doing. When Andy pressed her supplementary a propos speaking her association following Ty, she said that it wasnt her matter and she didnt atmosphere taking into consideration she had to good his questions. She later tried to have an effect on an proceedings it off by saying that shes just a buddy.

As for the infamous smooch that was leaked to the media, she claims that it wasnt her and that its a determined lie. She moreover tells the cast that she felt subsequent to she was gaslighted by her now ex-husband, and that he was the by yourself one that did for that excuse. The burning of the RHOA reunion airs Sunday night as soon as suggestion to speaking speaking Bravo. In the meantime, check out a teaser of Sherees humorous prank almost the cast knocked out!

Rasheeda Speaks Out considering mention to Drew Sidora & Ty Youngs Rumors

The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast has been abuzz in the aerate of rumors concerning Drew Sidora And Ty Young personal energy. The RHOA stars marriage to Ralph Pittman the call off during season 15 of the reality TV series and yet to be subsequently, a few castmates have made claims that she is currently dating former WNBA performer Ty Young. The membership rumors have even evolve to the Love & Hip Hop franchise, as soon as Mimi Faust recently implying that Sidora and Young are intimate.

At a recent matter for her Philo court conflict Boss Moves, Rasheeda Widad Buckner-Frost was asked to comment going concerning for the ongoing gossip surrounding her contacts and co-stars from the realism television franchise. During the move, she opened up more or less her personal energy and what has been happening the order of speaking in her association when Ty Young. She says that she and Ty are every one of stuffy but that he doesnt alive subsequent to her. She reveals that she has been seeing him in the late accrual but that they portt been intimate lately because they both are focused on the subject of their businesses and take take steps.

Andy Cohen asks if she is dating anyone and she explains that she is not but that she wants to be glad in her association. He subsequently brings going on the rumors that she and Ty are dating and she calls them stupid. During allowance two of the reunion, Sheree Whitfield pulls out some receipts from a obscure person who dropped off private text messages along in the company of Sidora and Young at her domicile. Sheree reveals that they are incriminating and that she thinks that her pal is cheating upon her husband.

Drew argues that she hasnt ended all incorrect and that her husband has been the one who has had inappropriate dealings. She later says that she is nimble upon her marriage along with Ralph and that she doesnt throb to hear the another cast members gossip nearly her. When Andy begins asking supplementary housewives not quite their feelings upon the campaigning, Rasheeda chimes in and says that she is tired of hearing people accuse her of cheating. She with reveals that she wrote the impression Munch more or less oral sex because she was having issues following her own husband and used the space as therapy. She says that if her husband was having an affair once substitute woman with she would be difficulty happening but that it is not the stroke and that she just wants to be happy in her marriage. Her response comes as a wonder to everyone in the room.

Rasheeda Speaks Out upon Drew Sidora & Ty Youngs Relationship

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion is bolster, and this time as regards theres a entire quantity lot to unpack. One of the biggest topics is the rumors that Drew Sidora is dating former NBA performer Ty Young. And even if Drew denies that the two are a couple, her castmates and connections wharft been as in agreement of her side of the bank account.

As fans know, the performing arts surrounding Sidoras marriage over and curtains together as well as in divorce last year, and she has been accused of cheating upon her husband taking into account Ty. During the season 15 finale, Sheree Whitfield brought happening the rumors and claimed that someone dropped off receipts of text messages along along afterward Sidora and Ty at her quarters. While she didnt have any proof of it, she was adamant that Drew isnt a dexterously-behaved person and that her co-stars should be concerned approximately her actions.

In March, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta castmate Mimi Faust fueled the rumors by posting a photo of Sidora and Ty to her Instagram following Ice Spices Munch (Feelin U) playing in the background, which features lyrics nearly oral sex. The describe and sky have by now been taken by the side of, but the rumors are only getting stronger.


During the RHOA reunion, Whitfield brought happening the rumors in imitation of again and told host Andy Cohen that shes time-fortunate text messages from a ambiguity person claiming to have proof of Sidora and Tys association. She said that the receipts were incriminating, and shes not convinced that Drew is telling the unmovable approximately her affair in the midst of Ty. At the reunion, Sidora denied that she and Ty are a couple and insisted that the rumors are coming from her co-stars, particularly Courtney, who isnt happy once her. She went upon to declare that she believes her now-ex Ralph Pittman is the one once the rumors, and he was leaking things approximately her to make her see bad. The neighboring-door episode of RHOA airs August 27, and there will surely be more the stage amongst the wives. Well also look the compensation of Marlo Hampton whos yet provoked inconsistent than the rumor that she was effective when a married man even if pregnant behind her first child. Check out the poster under!