Current Date:May 25, 2024
Saudi Quality Mark

Saudi Quality Mark Importance: Reasons to Obtain Saudi Quality Mark (SQM)

Do any of these sound familiar? “I would like to sell my product in Saudi Arabia, but I don’t have the right credentials.” “I might not get the Saudi Quality Mark (SQM) because I don’t have all the necessary documents.”

Now you are asking, What is The Saudi Quality Mark

The Saudi Quality Mark has been around for many years, as it is a certification mark issued by the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO) which is a part of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The Saudi Quality Mark certifies that the product has been tested and meets Saudi Standards and Related Technical Laws.

It also demonstrates that the facility has an effective Quality Control and Assurance System in place to produce goods of the requisite quality that meets standards.

The Saudi Quality Mark is an important step that helps in directing consumers to products that fulfill Saudi Requirements. 

Also, it is an obligatory certification for some products that your product must have to enter the Saudi Market. And by obtaining the Saudi Quality Mark you could be eliminated from having any other Certificates of Conformity. 

However, with this being the case, it’s essential that the products are of good quality and adhere to the standards that are set. To ensure this takes place, Saudi Arabia has put in place the Saudi Quality Mark. Here I’ll be sharing what it means to obtain the Saudi Quality Mark and the importance of it.

When will you need the Saudi Quality Mark? 

To expand your business you need to enter several markets, and one of the most important markets in the Gulf Area is the Saudi Market. And to enter the Saudi Market you must have the Saudi Quality Mark if your business is with the following products: 

  • Ready-mix Concrete
  • Cement
  • Ceramic Tiles/ Porcelain Tiles
  • Steel Bars
  • Iron Plate
  • Gas Appliances and Accessories
  • Aluminum Composite Panel
  • Electrical Extension Cords
  • Plugs, Switches, and Sockets

And the question is, What are the Benefits of the Saudi Quality Mark

Saudi Quality Mark can be your magical sign, so when the customer sees the SQM badge on your product he/she automatically considers it as a trusted product. And it also grants your business the following: 

  • It improves Saudi goods’ competition in domestic as well as global markets. 
  • Increases your business profit by enhancing reputation and name on a local, regional, and international scale.
  • It facilitates the flow of products through customs ports.
  • Enhances customer satisfaction. 
  • Grants you a free registration on SABER E-Platform. 

Now you are familiar with the Saudi Quality Mark and why it is important, take one minute to think about your business and what is necessary for it. 

How to obtain the Saudi Quality Mark? 

To get the Saudi Quality Mark you need the support from a notified body by Saudi, Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization SASO to grant you the certification and you need to match the following requirements:

  • The product must comply with Saudi Technical Regulations.
  • To use the Saudi Quality Mark on products for each type of commodity, the facility must implement a Quality Assurance System that complies with the technical standards governing the procedures for awarding the license.
  • Must agree to the Technical Requirements for receiving the Saudi Quality Mark.

Tabseer can help you to get the SQM for your products by the 5 following steps:  

  1. Accepting and reviewing the provided Technical File.
  2. Conducting Factory Audit Visits and Technical Studies.
  3. Monitoring the Non-Conformity cases, and taking the right action.
  4. Submitting the recommendations for the Mark.
  5. Contact the Facility to get the License of Saudi Quality Mark.

Don’t wait and get the maximum benefits for your business by getting the Saudi Quality Mark SQM, and enter the Saudi Market easily.