Current Date:June 18, 2024

Misty Loman Goes Viral After Her Mugshots Go Viral

Misty Loman grabbed media attention after her mugshots went viral. A sheriff in Wisconsin posted the pictures in an effort to warn people about drug use. But the truth is that she was suffering from autoimmune diseases, including bone cancer and scleroderma. Misty also lost three of her children, one was stillborn and the other died shortly after birth.

Misty Loman’s Story

Misty Loman is a 44-year-old woman from Bowling Green, Kentucky, who came into the spotlight in 2019 after she was arrested for drug use. A sheriff in Wisconsin posted her mugshots online, and they quickly went viral because of her unusual appearance. At the time, she was suffering from meth addiction and had been incarcerated multiple times—in fact, she had been in and out of jail about fifteen times. Misty’s rock bottom moment came after she lost her family, home, and car. She had also suffered several medical problems, including lupus and scleroderma. These diseases made her hair and skin deteriorate and led to her weight loss. As a result, she looked extremely unhealthy in her mugshots.

Some people assumed that her bad looks were the result of her drug usage. However, the truth was that she had a medical condition called scleroderma that causes the skin to tighten and harden. It is a painful and incurable disease, but there are some treatments available to ease the symptoms. Misty has been clean for over a year now, and her story is a inspiration to anyone who is struggling with drugs. She says that she had to take it one day at a time and that her life is so much better now. Her Facebook timeline has pictures of her and her family, which show that she is living a happy life now.

Misty’s transformation has prompted many people to start a go-fund-me campaign for her. She has even spoken at a few events and said that her recovery was hard but worth it. She is now back to her old self, and she is enjoying the little happiness that she has in her life. She is also a mother to two sons, Corey and Jacob. The two have helped her get out of her dark place and she is now a beautiful woman who has found peace with God. Her rebirth is a miracle to many, and it’s an example of how far you can come when you make the decision to change your life.

Misty Loman’s Mugshots

When a sheriff from Wisconsin posted mugshots of Misty Loman, many people assumed that her appearance was due to drug use. In reality, it was caused by a combination of factors, including her health conditions. Loman suffered from autoimmune diseases like lupus panniculitis, bone cancer, and scleroderma, all of which affect the skin. Chemotherapy for her cancer also contributed to her hair loss.

As a result, her appearance has changed dramatically over the years. Despite this, Misty Loman has received plenty of support from the public for her plight. She has several Facebook pages dedicated to her and is constantly receiving messages of support. Despite her difficult circumstances, she has never given up on her recovery and continues to work hard. Moreover, Misty has a strong faith in God. This has helped her stay positive and refocus on the goals she has set for herself. She also believes that her struggles are not in vain, and that she has been called by God to serve a bigger purpose in life. Her attitude towards life has certainly inspired others and set a great example for young people.

She has been sober for 34 months and leads a healthy lifestyle with her dog. She has even mended her relationship with a loved one. Her success in the face of such adversity is truly amazing and has encouraged other addicts to seek treatment. Misty is an inspiration for all addicts and shows that there is hope for everyone, no matter how far they have fallen. We are glad that she has found a path to recovery and is on her way to a new, healthier life. We wish her the best of luck in the future and hope she continues to remain sober. It is important to remember that drug abuse can cause severe changes in your appearance, and you should always seek treatment before it gets out of hand. This is especially true if you have children. It is not fair to put your child in such a situation. Misty has learned this lesson the hard way and is now on the road to recovery.

Misty Loman’s Recovery

Misty Loman’s mugshot progression is a tragic reminder of how bad drug addiction can be. However, her story also shows that God’s promises are more powerful than any substance in the world. Misty Loman is now sober and has started a new life. She encourages people to reach out if they need help. She says that recovery is possible and it’s worth the struggle. Misty has been through a lot in her lifetime. She lost three of her sons at birth and has been diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases, including lupus, bone cancer, and scleroderma. She was in a very dark place and didn’t know how to get out. She began to use drugs to escape the pain and the demons that haunted her. She eventually ended up in jail for meth possession.

When she was released, she took a long-term treatment program at Sisters in Sobriety. After she was released, she had a lot of support from the community and she now leads a very happy life. She says that the only way to recover from drug addiction is through prayer. She also says that if you have a loved one who is addicted to drugs, don’t give up on them. You can help them by encouraging them to pray and by setting up a GoFundMe for them. The sheriff who posted the mugshots of Misty had good intentions. He wanted to discourage others from using meth. However, his efforts failed because the mugshots only showed how she looked when she was on drugs. He didn’t mention that she was suffering from scleroderma, which is to blame for her appearance in the mugshots.

After the mugshots went viral, many people reached out to Misty and offered her help. Her sister set up a GoFundMe to raise funds for her medical bills and other expenses. The fund has exceeded its goal and has now raised over $73,000. In addition to helping her with her medical bills, the money will also help her to re-start her life in a safe environment. She hopes that her story will inspire other people to get help for their addictions.

Misty Loman’s Future

Misty Loman is a viral internet sensation. She gained popularity after her mugshots were posted online by a sheriff in 2019. These pictures of her deteriorated appearance caused people to speculate that her looks were due to drug abuse. This led to her being subjected to online bullying and ridicule. However, she is no longer an addict and her life has drastically improved since she started seeking treatment. She is now living in Bowling Green, Kentucky with her husband. She also has two sons. Misty Loman now focuses on her health and writes about her experiences on social media. She is also a very religious person. Her followers are encouraged by her belief that there is a god who helps you even at your weakest point.

She has a very bright future ahead of her as she is able to cope with her traumatic past and find peace. She is now a role model for many other addicts. She is still battling her illness, but she is doing better. Despite her current condition, she still finds a way to give back to her community and help others. She continues to speak about her struggles and encourages people to be strong. Misty has been a role model for many and she is an inspiration to all.


Misty Loman’s future is uncertain, but she is happy with her life. She has two healthy children, and she is trying to stay sober. She recently posted a picture of herself with her sons on Facebook. Unlike the mugshots that went viral, this photo shows a happy woman who is enjoying her life. The caption says, “Always believe in yourself.” It’s a great message to anyone who is struggling with addiction.