Current Date:July 21, 2024
Wiper blades

Why Soft Wiper Blades Are The Best Choice For DIY Replacement

Wiper blades are one of your fleet’s most important safety features, so choosing the right ones is essential. These premium blades come with easy-to-follow instructions, making them a great choice for drivers who prefer DIY replacement. While conventional blades may lift away from your windshield, beam blades conform to the curved glass and stay in contact for better coverage.

Soft Wiper Blades

With a plastic cover encasing the top of the blade, soft Wiper blades are designed for all weather conditions. Unlike hinge blades, they don’t require changing seasonally. Their frameless design also ensures smooth and even wiping across the entire windshield.

These flat blades are fast becoming the standard for new cars, replacing traditional metal frames. Their sleek, aerodynamic shape reduces wind noise and features a built-in spoiler. These blades are prone to less wear and tear than traditional blades, making them more economical in the long run.

Premium natural rubber blades are a must for any car owner. These high-quality blades produce minimal streaking or smears, and last up to three times longer than silicone options. They are also easy to install without the need for a mechanic. The PVC spoiler helps prevent blade damage from ice and snow, while the SK spring steel adds extra pressure for an efficient wiping action. These blades also have a Teflon coating and rubber refill for added durability and a long lifespan.

Frame Wiper Blades

The key to safe driving is a clear field of vision, and that requires wiper blades that fit your car and work well in the weather conditions you encounter. Conventional frame-style blades are economical and easy to install but are prone to wind lifting at high speeds and can easily collect ice or snow, reducing their performance.

Leicester Motor Spares offers a selection of high-quality, frameless wiper blades that offer a sleeker appearance and higher performance. To ensure that the new blades you choose match your vehicle and are compatible with its windshield size, consult your owner’s manual for specifics or use the parts finder features on auto-parts-supply store websites. Proper windshield washer fluid levels are also important for optimum visibility, especially when you’re driving in winter weather where deicing is more common.

Beam Wiper Blades

Driving in heavy rain is stressful enough without the added risk of your windshield wipers not performing well. Conventional wiper blades are not always designed to fully consider the impact of wind resistance, especially at high speeds. Strong winds cause the wiper blade to separate from your windshield, a problem known as wind lift that can lead to missed spots and streaks on the glass.

Beam blades offer a solution to this issue. These all-weather blades are curved to match the curvature of modern windshields, resulting in optimal pressure distribution and a smooth wiping action. They also feature designs that combat wind resistance and transfer it into windshield contact, such as the VorTec aerofoil on TRICO’s NeoForm beam blades. This technology creates infinite pressure points between the blade and windshield, eliminating the separation that often occurs with conventional wiper blades. This results in a cleaner, more crystal-clear windshield for safer driving conditions in harsh weather.

Replacement Wiper Blades

The good news is that you can save yourself a couple of bucks by replacing your windshield wiper blades at home. Changing the blades is not difficult, but you must take care to purchase the correct type and size for your vehicle. The right blades will prevent smearing, streaking, chattering and other issues that could reduce your visibility on the road.

The simplest way to determine which type of wiper blade you need is by referring to your owner’s manual or checking the online catalog at an auto parts store for the make and model of your vehicle. Then, you can measure the width of your existing blades to find the replacement size. Then, remove the old wiper blades from their packaging and get ready to install the new ones. Before you do, double up on a bath towel and place it over your windshield to prevent damage if the arm snaps back or hits it while you’re fiddling with it.


Wiper blades are designed to wipe off rain, snow, sleet and other precipitation that could obscure your view while driving. They’re one of the easiest and least expensive maintenance items to replace. Streaks and smears can easily lead to an accident, so keeping them in good condition is essential. Learn about conventional versus beam blades, spoiler and hybrid blades and more.