Current Date:June 25, 2024
90.13bn USD

Why Online Gamers Need Fiber Optic Internet

The internet has changed our lives in several ways! Today, people do not only use it to complete their work or stay connected to the world. Instead, it is now also used for gaming and streaming. Thus, the demand for high-speed internet has increased.

Online games can be a great way to escape from reality as they keep us entertained for several hours. This is why the gaming industry has gained much popularity in recent years. And its market value in the United States alone is 90.13bn USD. Considering the industry’s market value, it is safe to say that gaming is no longer considered solely a child’s hobby. People of all ages are into online gaming, as it is the best way to have fun.

However, the internet is a major factor determining your online gaming experience. Choosing the wrong type of connection can frustrate you, unlike anything else. Therefore, gamers need fast internet speeds to be successful in the online gaming arena.

So, if you are a hardcore gamer, then forget about using cable or DSL connection and choose fiber optic internet instead. Let’s dive deeper into why gamers prefer fiber-optic internet connection over other internet connection types.

Fiber Optic Internet: Meeting the Demands of Online Gamers

By 2027, the number of gamers is expected to amount to 78.8 million. With so much interest in online gaming these days, gamers look for quality gaming equipment. However, you can purchase top-notch gaming equipment but without a steady internet connection, your entire gaming experience will be affected.

So, whether you are a gamer who loves to play adventure games or shooter games, high-quality internet is required so you can play games smoothly. Because imagine you are in the middle of the climax, and your screen freezes. Moments later you realize your opponent won the game! We are sure you will be tempted to slam the keyboard out of sheer frustration.

Therefore, a fiber-optic connection is the most obvious choice for online gamers. It is a technology that uses light instead of electricity to transfer data through glass pipes. Several tiny optical fibers are bundled together so they can transmit large amounts of data at a very fast speed.

The speed requirement of every game differs depending on its features. But most online games require a speedy connection with a download speed of approximately 25 Mbps. So, to avoid lags when playing online games, it is recommended to use fiber optic internet. As this technology transmits data quickly and efficiently and has lower latency. Making it a perfect choice for gaming as gamers can enjoy better response times.

Ultra-Fast Upload and Download Speeds

Most internet providers advertise their download speed because the demand for the download speed is usually higher. The reason is that download speed makes up the internet experience for most people. Typically, people use the internet for streaming videos, downloading photos, web browsing, and other activities that require the user to download data from the server.

However, online gaming is not only about how quickly you receive information from the server. Every time you press buttons to shoot your opponent, load weapons, or give any other command, the game sends information to gaming servers. So, you have to take into consideration the upload speeds as well. As both speeds work together to deliver a smooth gaming experience. Moreover, a good gaming experience depends on the constant and uninterrupted flow of data.

A fiber optic internet connection can offer fast upload and download speeds. Its speed can reach up to 1 gigabit per second, which is ten times faster than other types of internet connection. Since it has a symmetrical upload and download speed the games will be more responsive to your directives. As a result, you enjoy playing your favorite online game without any lags.

Latency and Ping

Latency refers to the delay in sending information and receiving information. While ping refers to the reaction time of your connection and the speed at which you get a response. Both factors affect gaming performance significantly. As all the controller actions are sent and received by the gaming server.

So, if your internet lags for even half-a-minute, your opponent may shoot you before you have a chance to shoot them. Therefore, it is advisable to use a fiber optic internet connection for competitive games. As this optical fiber has lower latency and ping rates, you play online games without lag.

Unlimited Data with MetroNet

Data caps are a major problem for online gamers as most internet service providers impose caps to limit our data consumption. If you use the internet a lot and reach the threshold before the month ends, then your ISP is likely to lower your internet speed. You often have to pay more or deal with throttled speeds due to the implementation of data caps. This affects your gaming experience at large, as downloading and updating games use a lot of data. Almost all of the service providers that use cable or satellite connections impose data caps.

But if you use a fiber internet connection by choosing MetroNet, then you will get unlimited data allowance so you do not have to worry about exceeding your monthly data caps. MetroNet uses optical fiber technology, and it does not implement data caps to limit your internet usage. So, it does not matter whether you play online games every day or not. Moreover, you will not experience unexpected slowdowns even if you are playing games that require a high amount of data. You can visit its website for more information.

Higher Bandwidth

Every household has multiple devices that require an internet connection. So, they require a fast connection with higher bandwidth to avoid network congestion. Since, cable internet connections have lower bandwidth, which affects the entire household’s internet experience.

But fiber optic cables can send data at a very high speed, so there’s less chance of a clog in the bandwidth pipe. The reason is that with optical fiber, data travels over a wide range of frequencies that offers little to no loss over distance unlike cable connections. Thus, everyone can perform their online activities. Moreover, even if you are playing games or streaming, your connection will be least susceptible to network overload. This makes fiber internet the best choice for playing online games.


Fiber optic internet connection is considered to be the holy grail of gaming connection. Since optical fiber contains a few hundred optical fibers in a plastic casing, it can withstand the pressure of approximately 2,000 pounds. Therefore, damaging this type of connection is nearly impossible.

This technology is less susceptible to extreme weather conditions than cable or satellite connection. So, network outages are minimized, and electrical interferences are resisted. This means power outages or weather conditions will have little to no effect on this technology, and one can enjoy playing games even during rough weather.

Better Security

No matter how entertaining online gaming is, there is always a risk of your devices being hacked. Most of the times the online games you play contain malware, which is easily installed in your system. So, within no time, you lose access to your data. This happens because of network vulnerabilities or loopholes. And hackers look for gamers who use vulnerable networks such as cable connections. Hence, choosing a good and secure network connection such as fiber optic is important.

Since fiber optics do not emit signals, connecting taps to a fiber cable to intercept data can be difficult. Therefore, it is not easier for hackers to hack a fiber-optic network. You can subscribe to MetroNet as it offers fiber optic connection and a complete Defense Internet Security service. It comes with a firewall, antivirus protection, malware protection, and so on. So, you continue to play online games safely.


Copper or satellite connections may seem to be a cost-effective option as they cost less than fiber optic cables. However, there are several hidden costs associated with them. The cost of maintenance, risk of tampering, interference, and others. If you are a hardcore gamer and enjoy purchasing popular games, then the internet’s maintenance costs can mount up.

So, choose a fiber optic connection. While the initial cost of a fiber optic connection may be higher, it is no doubt a better investment. You do not have to overspend on the infrastructure, as the cost of ownership is much lower as they are more durable. Furthermore, considering the benefits fiber optic connections offers, it can be a cost-effective investment.

All in All…

The importance of online gaming has exploded in the past years. It is a fun way to spend your time. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a good internet connection for a flawless gaming experience. Only a fast and reliable internet connection can help minimize disruptions and reduce lag times. Gamers want low latency, symmetrical upload and download speeds, and high bandwidth. And only fiber can reliably deliver all these at the same time.