Current Date:May 24, 2024
Tiktok Video Downloaders

TikTok Video Downloaders in 2022

In terms of social media, there’s no app that is more popular than TikTok currently. Yes, Facebook and Instagram continue to have user bases exceeding 1 billion users If you’re online you’ve probably seen numerous TikTok reposts appear in various communities.

TikTok brings together the advantages of platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Vine, which has since gone away. Vine application to create something completely innovative and surprising. A plethora of short clips shorter than sixty seconds long, fill the app that cover everything from musicals to comedy from politics to animals and everything between. It’s the perfect application for people who like to watch short clips and those who feel at ease in front of a camera.

There are many who have spent moments watching TikTok videos on the internet. But what happens if you wish to download and save the TikTok video? A few people would like to store a collection of their top videos or want offline entertainment in their devices. No matter what the reason There are third-party applications and websites that can help users download or save TikTok videos. Here, we’ll go over some of them.

The main strength of TikTok is its online community and it’s mix of self-promotion as well as social media. If there’s something you enjoy or would like to use for an montage or in your own production, it’s usually easier to download it onto an electronic device and then use video editing software instead of your smartphone.

Best TikTok video downloaders in 2022

For iPhone users the third-party apps downloaders are designed intended for Android users. There are some websites that you can download. If you’d like to download, you can make use of TikTok’s built-in downloader.

Make use of the SSSTikTok downloader

There’s a download option within TikTok that lets you download a few videos onto your phone, but it’ll leave watermarks. If you’re looking to download the video for post-editing purposes or to incorporate it into the montage you create, it option isn’t the best option, but it is an alternative.

  1. Download the video you wish to download using the TikTok application.
  2. Select Share, then click Save Video. The video will be saved to the camera roll.

Use Instagram to download TikTok videos

There’s a reason why for some reason, the TikTok video downloader does not work for all videos. Some users block the other members from downloading video. If you don’t find your Save Video option when you choose Share, then the uploader has blocked downloads.

There’s a solution that you can try but don’t give up hope. You’ll need to have the Instagram application installed on your smartphone for this to be effective.

  1. Play the video in TikTok and click Share.
  2. Choose Instagram Stories from the Instagram Stories icon and wait for the app to save the video to Instagram.
  3. Choose the Download on Instagram option, and it will be saved to the camera roll.

When you click the Share option the video on Instagram Stories, you’ll likely be able to see a progress indicator, and Instagram will appear and show the clip already uploaded.

You can utilize the standard download option within Instagram Stories to save it. The video will be watermarked, however it’s an alternative method to save the video.

Downloader tiktok videos from TikGram

It is the Video Downloader App No watermark available on Google Play Store is an Android app that lets users to download videos. It is completely free and has more than 1 million installations. What makes this app one of the top TikTok video downloaders today is its ability to eliminates the watermark from downloaded videos.

It’s a great feature to make a montage or make use of the video in your creation. The watermark appears subtle, however it’s still visible and will show in any project which defines the content.

This app can remove the video and let you utilize the video in the way you wish. The app is completely cost-free.


I mentioned a different solution that works for iPhone users. MusiclyDown is. It’s a site that functions similar to numerous YouTube video downloaders, but it’s is specifically designed for TikTok.

Copy the URL for the video on TikTok then paste the URL into The middle of the window. Click Download and the rest is simple. It appears to work the majority of the time , and it’s free, so it’s well worth giving it a go.

Download TikTok videos to your desktop

If you’re looking to download TikTok videos onto the desktop of your computer, you can find a few websites that can assist you with this task. First, try the TTDownloader. It is all you need to do is take the URL for the TikTok video you wish to download, and then put it inside the download box of the TTDownloader website.

Do you know of alternative TikTok video downloaders that are worth a try? Do you have any iPhone applications? Other websites? Let us know about them in the comments below If you have!