Current Date:June 21, 2024

Soaring to New Heights: Discover the Power of Aviation Ambassadors with USAF Veteran Jeff Jorgenson

Jeffrey L. Jorgenson, the CEO of Open Air Flight Club, is a remarkable individual with a deep passion for aviation. As a USAF veteran and an Aviation Ambassador, he has dedicated his life to promoting aviation as a vital part of STEM education and inspiring young minds to explore the boundless opportunities within the field. Today he’ll share insights about what it means to be an aviation ambassador.

Q: Jeff, let’s start with introducing yourself.

A:  I’m the Founder and CEO of Open Air Flight Club, a leading organization dedicated to inspiring and empowering young people in the world of aviation. I have built this organization from the ground up over the past decade. Alongside my role as the CEO of OAFC, I’m also a proud father, a Flight Instructor, and a Retired Veteran of the US Air Force.

I have garnered a wealth of business and instructional experience as a serial entrepreneur that has helped launch a number of small businesses. Additionally, I’ve authored an Award-Winning book which coincided with my flight instruction business to become what is now the Open Air Flight Club. I have created an online course to help schools, teachers, students and parents gain insights into all aviation trades and discover exciting opportunities within the industry. If I were to describe myself in one word, it’d be Aviation Ambassador.

Q: As a veteran aviator, how would you describe your passion for aviation?

A: Aviation touches nearly everyone’s lives, yet few know much about it. The idea of defying gravity and exploring the vastness of the skies ignited a deep passion within me from an early age. However, beyond the thrill of flying, my passion for aviation stems from its potential to transform lives. What appeals to me the most is inspiring the younger generations to experience its life-changing possibilities. 

Q: What does the idea of an Aviation Ambassador entail?

A: The concept of an Aviation Ambassador represents a bridge between the aviation industry and the broader community. Many pilots share their flight or aviation experiences with younger audiences, and would consider themselves ambassador in doing so. What sets Open Air apart is our vast experience and knowledge of all aviation trades and our knack for sharing this information with others. We bring out the true potential of aviation as a subfield within the STEM framework and spread awareness about the scope of careers within aviation, inspiring youth to consider to the bright possibilities within this line of work. 

Q: As a Premier Youth Organization, what is the goal that you look to achieve?

A: The goal is making Aviation Ambassadors. The aim is to build a community of passionate aviation enthusiasts who contribute to meeting the industry’s needs and drive innovation and advancements in the field.

Q: How do Aviation Ambassadors operate?

A: Aviation Ambassadors operate through collaboration, outreach, and community engagement. They work closely with schools and educators to help integrate aviation education into the curriculum. They introduce aviation concepts to students, parents, and the community by organizing workshops and interactive sessions. We offer the tools and resources for them to do this easily and efficiently to our Open Air Flight Club members. 

Q: How can one become a member? 

A: To become a member, they can find us at an event or the easiest is probably just go to our website, 

Q: What impact does Open Air Flight Club have? 

A: Our Aviation Ambassadors are creating a profound and lasting impact on individuals and the aviation industry. Introducing aviation education early broadens horizons, ignites curiosity, and inspires the next generation of aviators, engineers, and innovators. Additionally, by spreading awareness about the vast potential and profitability of aviation careers, they offer life-changing opportunities to individuals and contribute to the growth and advancement of the aviation field.

Jeff Jorgenson’s journey as an Aviation Ambassador and his unwavering commitment to promoting aviation education inspire all. Through his organization, Open Air Flight Club, he transforms STEM education and makes aviation accessible to a broader audience. With passionate individuals like Jeff at the helm, we can ignite the spark of aviation passion in the hearts of young minds and foster a generation of aviators who will shape the future of this dynamic field.Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn to learn more about how Open Air Flight Club contributes to the aviation industry.