Current Date:June 23, 2024

Seeking Compensation for Job-Related Head Injuries in Glendale: What are Your Options?

Workplace accidents can lead to serious injuries such as head injuries. They include slip and fall accidents, car accidents, being struck by equipment or falling objects at work, exposure to explosions, and being subjected to workplace violence. If you sustained a head injury while performing your job duties, a workers compensation lawyer in Glendale can explain your options when seeking workers’ compensation benefits. A head injury can be sustained by workers such as construction workers, first responders, warehouse, dock, and delivery workers, as well as professional athletes. A head injury can be serious enough to lead to a disability or even death. 

Kinds of Head Injuries 

Head injuries that workers can sustain include the following:

  • Head trauma. These injuries impact only the head, not the brain. They include facial trauma and skull fractures. 
  • Hematomas. These injuries are characterized by the formation of blood clots inside or on the brain. They include epidural hematomas, subdural hematomas, and intracerebral hematomas. 
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Traumatic brain injuries are common in slip and fall accidents and car accidents. Concussions are common examples of TBIs. Mild symptoms of TBIs include headaches, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. A TBI can also present physical symptoms such as slurred speech, dilated pupils, loss of consciousness, fluid leakage from the ears or nose, and behavioral changes.

Treatment for Head Injuries

Doctors treat head injuries depending on their seriousness and nature. A patient with a minor head injury may only need short-term outpatient treatment. A settlement value for this injury can be just a few hundred or thousand dollars. A serious head injury such as a TBI can require long-term hospitalization, medications, surgery, and rehab. The treatment for this injury is often costly, with medical bills tend to pile up quickly. 

Often, the treatment costs for TBI can exceed the workers’ compensation policy limit of employers. If an injured worker has the option to file a personal injury lawsuit for a TBI, they should take advantage of it to maximize their financial recovery. 

Other Remedies for Job-Related Head Injuries

If you sustain a head injury in the workplace, you must identify the options you can explore to pursue a fair settlement. Often, a skilled workers’ comp attorney can help you pursue a fair settlement that can cover your medical treatment, therapeutic needs, and rehabilitative needs. This settlement can include a portion of your lost wages. Your attorney can also help you bring a personal injury claim.