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Online English Teaching: What You Need to Know

You must decide if you will work for an online school, a tutoring service, or run your own company and website before you even begin to contemplate how to teach English online.

You must go through the application procedure, just as you would for any other school if you choose to become a teacher at an online school. To be approved, you might need to obtain a TEFL certification and have some relevant teaching experience. But keep in mind that teaching swimming or Sunday school at your church counts as teaching experience, and some institutions do accept people who are eager and lack experience. Be careful to include them in your CV.

Online Instruction

On any of the several websites that offer online instruction, you can register and create a profile. It’s extremely simple to do this, but you should be aware that your profile can be up against thousands of others. On several of these sites, professors outnumber students. However, you might be able to acquire some useful experience in online English teaching.

The most profitable option is by far running your website. You have the freedom to pick the students and the hours you want to teach. Although the income is better, you will have to put in more effort to advertise your services and recruit pupils.

What You Ought to Be Providing

Providing structure is one of the most crucial things; create lesson plans and follow them. Or, at the very least, establish some rules for you and your student to follow as you work together to complete the lesson. You will almost certainly come across pupils who merely want to talk, but this may not be what the majority of your students require. To help the student enhance their language abilities, you will need to strike a balance between what the student wants and what you, as the teacher, know they need. Experience and studying English teaching courses have helped me to understand this equilibrium.

Additionally, think about what you are most knowledgeable in and most at ease teaching. Are your communication, vocabulary, speech, writing, pronunciation, and grammatical skills excellent? Choose your chosen specialty and market to it because there are numerous ESL niches in which to specialize. Not sure of your strengths? Start by teaching online, and you’ll soon discover the subject matter you enjoy the most.

Advertising Your Services

When considering how to teach English online, you must consider how to market yourself. This is where so many would-be online teachers fall short.

You can start with some of the following methods out of the many available.

  • Place ads on websites with a large population of English language learners.
  • Look through databases of online tutors. You might also sign up and make a compelling profile to draw kids.
  • Join ESL discussion boards so you may post your signature. Utilize social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to advertise your website or services.

There Is No Better Moment Than the Present to Begin Teaching English Online

You can start teaching English online with a modest investment and watch your business expand. The best aspect of online instruction is that. The start-up costs are modest; they are likely lower than those of practically any other type of business. English teaching online can be for you if you want your own business and in particular the independence of an internet business.

If you’ve recently looked around, there are probably millions of “work from home” types of enterprises available. Many assert that they are the finest alternative. But for some reason, I’ve never seen the evening infomercials. But once a friend introduced me to a company I’ve run very well, I decided to partake in that success (hopefully this will help someone).

It’s difficult for me to think of what I do as a “work from home” type of employment.

So how do you instruct online? And why is it gaining such a following? To be honest, when I started teaching online a year ago, I was solely drawn to the “laziness” of the work. I was looking for a part-time job that would allow me to make money without having to work myself to death. I had no idea that it would take the place of my regular employment.

The Need Is Expanding

Millions of students—both young and old—want to study English, and since everyone now has a laptop or home computer, teaching English online is starting to seem like a no-brainer. I now have 25 pupils, but I can accept many more. I have a predetermined plan for my kids that I make as a “package” because I don’t want to work all day. I have three bundles as well as some extras like “slang terms” or “conversational English.” This keeps everything incredibly structured while giving me more options to earn money.

Online English Teaching Is Your Own Business

Because the majority of my pupils are from Japan, China, and the Middle East, where the local currencies are frequently far more valuable than the dollar, I set my salary at any figure I like. With the packages I provide and each of my students, I am making a respectable little bit of change. The sky is the limit if you want it to be, but I won’t tell how much I make.

Online English Teaching Is a Recession-Proof Industry

Because of the economy and the number of unemployed individuals, I feel compelled to assist anyone who may be in need. I don’t think there will be enough students to fill this market, even with new ones appearing practically every day. Any student, young or old, can be taught from anywhere in the world. You can teach English online from home if you want, but you will need a laptop and a smartphone with a camera.


If you’re intrigued, you’re headed in the right direction. Keep in mind that this might be the first company you own and run. For tax purposes, you can even go so far as to obtain a business license. You won’t need one to TEFL, but having one is a terrific concept and gets you in the mindset of running your own company as the CEO and founder.

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