Current Date:June 18, 2024
basic node js interview questions

Node JS Frameworks Raising the Bar for Web Development

Node JS has been the event-driven JavaScript runtime environment utilized by the majority of developers to create real-time websites and applications, regardless of their level of sophistication. Its capacity to support asynchronous input and output is the feature that appeals to everyone the most. It aims to optimize the web apps by utilizing various input/output functions. Importantly, it is a scripting language that can be used on both the server and the client. On the client-side, after the scripts are written, they are embedded in the webpage’s HTML while the server-side executes the JS code.

Node JS has categorically shown to be the server of choice for many large organizations with sophisticated and developed web solutions. Here is a thorough overview of the top basic node js interview questions that are currently most effective at creating aesthetically pleasing online solutions.

It is a well-known Node.js server framework that enables event-driven communication between clients and the server. It can use any library, client-side or server-side, and both libraries are compatible. As a result, it is ideal for creating complex real-time online applications.


One dependable framework that supports building both online and mobile applications is express.js. It gives developers the ability to create apps regardless of the complexity, feature-set, and targeted devices/browsers by aiding in the construction of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).


It is a Node.js-based MVC framework that supports both client-side and server-side scripting. It is essentially the main draw for many developers because it is deployed for both modern mobile applications and web applications and uses a server that produces quick page loads, complies with search engine requirements, supports HTML templates, etc.


Hapi.js is a feature-rich full-stack development framework running on Node.js that is only suited for building reliable application programming interfaces. It includes a potent built-in plugin system that gives programmers a few key advantages when creating apps and services software. Some of these include configuration-based functionality, input validation, caching, and error correction.


Koa is a cutting-edge framework for Node.js development that is used to serve web applications in addition to APIs. What accounts for its ubiquity? It makes it possible to utilize generators without needing any callbacks. This enables the engineers to correct any mistakes right away.


This enterprise-level framework makes it easier to create complex applications using unique APIs. It has a creative attitude that provides a more data-centric experience for every application and is inspired by other commonly used frameworks like Ruby on Rails. Additionally, Sails is one of the most in-demand real-time apps with features like conversations and position monitoring.

The skilled team of developers uses a variety of development approaches to create client-side and server-side apps that are perfectly matched to your company’s goals. Let’s get into more detail regarding the basic node js interview questions.

API Development and Integration

In order to keep your system and application current and reliable, Node JS development companies offer support, hosting, and maintenance plans for API integration. You can be confident that you will receive top-notch assistance that will further assist you in moving your business forward by taking care of all of your demands, including those related to development and marketing.

Architecture for Developing Applications

The architecture is one of the most crucial elements of application development that must be prioritized from the outset. This involves making choices regarding your application’s platform, hosting, and deployment.

Clean Coding Assessment

Cleaner code methods are being developed and used by developers to help prevent maintenance problems and errors. Errors are simpler to spot and fix when coding is done correctly. Additionally, it provides a coding system that is clearer and easier to comprehend.

Support for Node.JS

The majority of apps are developed for usage in scaling large network systems, which necessitates the development of several API instances. APIs aid in enhancing the communication between a variety of platforms, devices, and software. The success of an application greatly depends on its ability to use APIs for quick response time. Your APIs will be accurate, dependable, and quick if you hire the correct group of engineers.

Migration of Node.JS

Expertise in migration, or transforming any legacy system built on any other platform into a node framework to make it more effective and quicker, is offered by quality and professional Node JS development services.

This list may go on forever. Over the past few years, Node.js has grown significantly, and there are increasingly more frameworks available. Although each has numerous benefits, is simple to install, and has a wealth of features, you must first have a brainstorming session to determine which framework best suits your website’s or app’s needs.