Current Date:July 23, 2024

Mobile Legends Shares Details of Upcoming Attack on Titan Collab

It might be time to stock up on your Mobile Legends diamonds, because Moonton Games, the devs behind Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, have announced that the MOBA is about to get a crossover with Attack Titan, and it looks to be the best collaboration yet.

What We Can Expect From the Attack on Titan Collab

The Attack on Titan anime is one of the hottest properties in Japan right now, and is a hit among Western audiences too, so it only made sense that Mobile Legends would want to do a collab with Attack on Titan. The collab looks to be pretty hefty too, with Mikasi, Eren, and Levi skins set to hit the MOBA.

As with all the collaboration events run by Mobile Legends, you can expect some cool events to happen throughout the collab period (currently slated to be around 2 months), although what we can expect at the moment is anybody’s guess, outside of the confirmed Attack on Titan skins, of course. 

Don’t Forget to Stock Up On Your Mobile Legends Diamonds

If you want to get the most from the Attack on Titan collab, then you’re going to need to grab a Mobile Legends pin or two to stock up your account with some sweet Mobile Legends diamonds. This way, you’ll have a chance to participate in the daily rolls, with your first daily roll costing 25 Mobile Legends diamonds, and each subsequent roll costing 50.

The cost of the various other cosmetics being added to the Mobile Legends game has yet to be announced, but we reckon that you’ll need a hefty sum of MLBB diamonds if you want to grab it all and, trust us, if you’re a fan of Attack on Titan, you’ll want to grab it all! There is no telling when all these skins are going to return.

When the Attack on Titan Collaboration Starts

The recent trailer from the Mobile Legends team suggests that the Attack on Titan collaboration will be starting on the 31st January, although there is currently no end date announced. Word on the street that it is currently slated to finish in March, which means that all those awesome skins will be available until then. Although, the sooner you start topping up your account with a Mobile Legends pin, the sooner you’ll grab all the skins. We expect this to be a very popular collaboration!

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