Current Date:June 22, 2024

“Let Mother Earth Breathe”: Fashion Influencer Nikita Karizma Highlights the Essence of Saving the Planet

Nikita Karizma is a British-Indian fashion designer who runs her designer label with the same name. She is known for her stunning fashion accessories and lifestyle products, as well as her excellent fashion attire, colorful designs, distinctive color palettes, design aesthetics, and vibrant fashion accessories.

Nikita has already achieved a lot by launching her high-end label ‘Nikita Karizma’ and her commercial fashion line ‘Karizma.’ Little Mix and The Saturdays, both from the United Kingdom, have worn her creations.

Her designs are known for their rebellious, high-voltage style, pushing boundaries and defying the conventional fashion form. She works with a variety of textiles that are notoriously tough to deal with. Nikita is based in London, where she works on both her own designer label and a commercial diffusion line.

The designer also actively participated in playing her part in her environment, in addition to generating wonderful fashion wear that gives value to their lives and empowers women via their appearances. When it comes to the ecosystem, Nikita believes that planting a tree is a great approach for anyone who wants to help protect the environment. This is because trees are essential for the planet’s survival we call home since they reduce pollution.

Environmental protection is something that organizations all across the world are concerned about. Nikita uses an intriguing Instagram filter to persuade her fans and clients to plant a tree. “You might not be able to make such a big difference, but every tree counts,” Nikita said.

The London-based designer has just begun a new endeavor with the Love Peace Harmony Foundation to plant one million trees. “Simply said, the Earth would die without trees,” Nikita shares.

The mission to plant one million trees is in full swings and so far, 200,000 trees have been planted in just a year. Nikita urges everyone to use this Instagram filter as it will expedite her campaign to achieve the target in a short span of time.   

Her brand is based on the concept of ‘Style Infused with Self-Care.’ She advocated for the use of healing materials and textures in the creation of fashion apparel and accessories. She is always focused on highlighting women’s self-care in her collections. Her senior collection was titled ‘Campaign Against Abuse,’ and it encouraged women to speak out against any sort of abuse they may be subjected to.

Furthermore, she is also an active donator in humanitarian causes and is primarily concerned about increasing homelessness, hunger and domestic violence. That’s why Nikita often visits the organizations that are working on these issues and gives a percentage of profits in charity. 

Nikita now works out of her London studio, but she also has a showroom in Los Angeles. She also collaborates with European and Asian factories and suppliers. Her collections appeal to the demands of both celebrities and influencers, as well as everyday ladies. She thinks that “we are what we wear,” and via her work, she wants to offer more value to every woman’s life.