Current Date:July 21, 2024

Jesus T-Shirts Wear Your Faith On Your Sleeve

Having a strong faith is a deeply personal thing, and finding ways to express it can be challenging. For some, it may mean wearing a message-driven shirt or wristband. Christian apparel has become a welcomed industry. Not only are t-shirts being printed with religious messages but so are fleeces, hats and other clothing items.

Jesus Saves

We’ve all seen the phrase “Jesus saves” on bumper stickers and signs at athletic events. It’s one of those slogans that packs a lot of power and truth. Christians believe that Jesus saves them from the consequences of their sinning and gives them life in all its fullness. Lesson 1: When Jesus saved people who were lonely, he came to them personally. Show an image of groups of people who are playing, chatting, etc together and then show an image of a person who is alone. Ask students to discuss how they feel about the person who is alone.

Throughout the Bible, Jesus battles against oppression, including being wrongfully arrested and ultimately lynched. The Black experience is very similar to that of Jesus, as we have often been harmed for trying to speak out against injustice. Show off your love for Jesus with this Black Jesus Shirts For Sale! He’s a great way to remind people that Jesus was black and to combat the myth that he was white.

Jesus Is My Homeboy

Our Jesus tees have powerful designs and messages that will spread the word of God. They are great for starting conversations and acquainting others with the message of Jesus Christ. They are also excellent gifts for those who need a reminder of the Lord’s love. When you think of the oppression Jesus battled and the way He was mistreated by a government that was so afraid of Him that it lynched Him in front of a crowd, He certainly sounds like your brother. This is a powerful tee to wear that honors Black Jesus as He should be honored and remembered.

This is a short sleeve unisex Women’s Christian T Shirts made of 100% ringspun cotton (except for heather colors, which contain 10% polyester). It has a soft feel and is comfortable to wear. It features a modern print based on the Proverbs 31 Woman verse. This shirt would be great for a man or a woman who loves Jesus.

Jesus Is Love

Our Jesus t-shirts are designed to spread God’s word of love and hope to the world. They feature powerful images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and his message of faith, love and forgiveness. Our Jesus t-shirts also have inspiring quotes from the Bible that will bring encouragement and peace to those who wear them. We have a wide variety of jesus is love stock photos, images and pictures available to use. You can search our image gallery for the perfect picture for your project.

The man in the viral video was ordered to change his shirt by security guards at the Mall of America last week because other shoppers complained that the shirts were offensive. The man was eventually allowed to continue his shopping trip at the mall. But if you want to show your support of Black Jesus, we have a great shirt for that too! We think Black Jesus is beautiful, and he should be seen that way too.

Jesus Is Lord

For many Christians, their faith is a core part of their identity. Wearing Christian T-Shirts is a great way to share their beliefs with others. Whether they feature a Bible verse, religious icon or inspirational principle, these shirts can start conversations and open up opportunities to share the gospel message. Jesus is called Lord 747 times in the New Testament. Someday, all of creation will bow to His lordship. Until then, we must surrender to His authority in our thoughts, words and actions.

Some t-shirts containing the phrase “Jesus is Lord” take a more deceptive approach to sharing the Gospel. Designs that parody secular designs or brands (like the Lord’s Gym shirt) are questionable, and may confuse and misrepresent the truth about Jesus. Other t-shirts evoke a sense of elitism and superiority, which is not the message of the Bible. We can never serve God with arrogant attitude. Rather, we should be humble and loving.

Final Thought

Spread the word of God with our collection of Christian inspired t-shirt designs. From Biblical scripture to inspiring words of faith, hope and love; our Christian t-shirts are perfect for spreading the word of the Lord Jesus Christ.