Current Date:May 26, 2024
Digital Business

How Digital Business Cards Help At Workplace?

The days of utilizing paper business cards are gone. No more wandering around the pocket or opening your wallet to pull out your business card for a hand-to-hand pass. Instead, the digital era demands you to upgrade your business habits, from using a digital business card to passing on your personal and business details to potential clients and investors. 

Paper business cards do indeed make a visual impact, but they are less useful in practicality and real-world statistics. Digital business cards are now making it easy for people to connect with brands. Apart from being useful in corporate meetings and client interactions, digital business cards also have a specific worth at workplaces. 

In this article, we shall talk about the workplace benefits of a digital business card. 

1. Sharing Information with Interview Candidates

Your HR team might have to send the company details, such as website URL, service list, contact details of important persons, and much more, to every candidate who applies for a job in your workplace. 

Instead of telling your candidate that you will be sharing the company details via email, you can just share the digital business card and tell them to go through the website and company details before the next round. 

This will speed up the job of HR and will leave a good impact on the candidates, inspiring them to work in a tech-savvy workplace. 

2. Every Employee Can Have their Own Digital Business Card

The company should take the privilege of preparing digital business cards for all employees, with their designation, contact number, and your company’s branding. There might be a time when your employees will be in touch with potential clients, within or outside your circle. Give them a chance to promote your company through their names, as they are part of it too. 

Ask them to share their digital business card with anyone who inquires about availing of your company’s services. In this way, you can take a step towards promoting your brand organically and, at the same time, make your employees feel special and involved in the process. 

3. Ideal for Business Development Executives to Pitch Clients

If your company works with business development executives, who pitch potential clients daily, then you should have a professional approach toward conversion. Ask your business development executives to share digital business cards with clients who show interest in the company’s services or products. 

When you share the digital business card, make sure to add a convincing pitch to let them know that they can use this card to know more about the company and get in touch with the concerned person in case of any service inquiry. 

Your potential clients would have your numbers saved instantly, as it is one of the many features of digital business cards. Hence, this will help increase your rate of conversion.

4. Easy to Update the Information

If you have plans to switch your business address anytime soon or want to change your official email id and phone number, then you don’t have to ask the print store to re-edit and print many business cards again. 

With a digital business card, it is easy to update all details within a few seconds. You just have to use the dedicated application and edit the details per your preferences. Hence, you save a considerable amount of money on reprinting the business cards again and again. 

In addition, have you taken the second suggestion seriously and created business cards for each employee of your company? If yes, in terms of their resignation, you won’t be wasting a set of paper business cards made by their name, which can’t be used. 

With a digital business card, you just have to delete the digital card, and the details will be wiped out from the records. Moreover, if you have a company phone number for each employee, you can edit the names and other details on the same digital card to hand it over to the next employee. 


This clearly explains how you should keep up with the trend and utilize them to improve your workplace efficiency. Apart from using digital business cards at the workplace, there are numerous ways it can help you stage your business and yourself on a professional track. 

You can flaunt your digital business card when you are out for an investor meeting or a client pitch. It will create an impression that you are up-to-date with the trend. You will get the attention you need by using a smart business card. All you have to do is be practical in making it work. 

So, the next time you meet one of your potential leads, shake hands and share your digital business card in a blink of an eye. 

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