Current Date:June 22, 2024

How COVID-19 Turned Content Creator Dr. Ross Blagg’s Surgical Missions into Plastic Surgery Road Trip

Numerous small enterprises have been devastated by the coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in the closure of hundreds of thousands. Dedicated to helping those who desire to transform their lives but cannot afford to do so, Dr. Ross Blagg continues to work for the greater good despite experiencing multiple burnouts.

Dr. Ross Blagg is one such individual who rose from the ashes and persisted in his work despite the pandemic breakout. Additionally, despite the horrifying circumstances, he successfully introduced a forum out of his surgical missions.

In order to assist and establish a connection with his patients, Dr. Ross is a compassionate humanitarian and an exemplary plastic surgeon. Prior to COVID-19, he made yearly surgical trips to places like Guatemala and Haiti to perform his surgical mission by treating split lips and other reconstructive needs. However, with the pandemic, all such missions halted, and Dr. Ross Blagg began anew with his own surgical clinic in Austin, Texas. He did this to locate people who had already made significant changes to their own lives and required plastic surgery to help them finish their travels.

Dr. Ross never gave up and always stood his ground. He was inspired to move forward as he shares his love for road trips, meeting new people, and learning about and experiencing new things. He and his filmmaker friends came up with another plan to keep his humanitarian endeavors alive. He consequently made the decision to launch a new business, Lyfe in Plastic Productions producing Plastic Surgery Road Trip, based on his surgical missions (PSRT).

According to Dr. Ross, “Plastic Surgery Road Trip has allowed me to combine my passion for adventure, philanthropy, and being creative.” The idea of adventure philanthropy has always appealed to him, and he continues by saying, “Building PSRT has been incredibly satisfying.” He considers it an honor to share other people’s adventures and stories. Additionally, PSRT enables him to develop a close relationship with the patient and to assist someone who otherwise might not have been able to afford surgery.

Dr. Ross’s road to success got a little slow because of COVID-19, but he never stopped working hard. He has invited us all on this ongoing journey where he takes steps to inculcate more humanitarian roles in plastic surgery through his Youtube, Plastic Surgery Road Trip.