Current Date:June 15, 2024

Gary Hinge (Movie Review)

When outdoor enthusiast Gary Hinge disappears during a hiking expedition, his roommate and sister report him missing. Their search eventually leads to a cabin in the Nevada desert, where campers discover a severed hand that belongs to Gary. The film’s pseudo-documentary style uses fictional talking heads, drone footage, and a YouTube vlog to tell the story of Gary’s disappearance. The result is a horror movie that’s both terrifying and realistic.

The Film Is Based On A Real-Life Case

Gary Hinge is an outdoorsman and survivalist who goes on extreme hiking adventures with a bare minimum of supplies. His adventures often take him into remote areas of the Nevada desert where he discovers secluded cabins that give him a sense of unease. In one of his videos, he claims to have found a cave that is perfectly shaped like an M and describes feeling vibrations through the walls of the cave. When he doesn’t return home after his next hike, his sister reports him missing and authorities begin to investigate. Their efforts are hampered by the fact that his phone has been turned off and they cannot locate his truck. Eventually, campers report finding a severed hand that appears to be Gary’s.

While the director of Horror in the High Desert, Dutch Marich, doesn’t explicitly say it, the film is based on the real-life disappearance of YouTube vlogger Kenny Veach. Like the character in the movie, Veach was a survivalist and outdoorsman who often uploaded videos of his adventures. Veach’s videos were popular and had thousands of subscribers. His disappearance prompted many users to call on him to revisit the mysterious cave he had visited, but he was reluctant. He was later reported dead, but no foul play was ever suspected. Marich has taken this real-life case and made it into a thrilling thriller with plenty of suspense. The first half of the film is a slow build up that gives us some insight into the nature of Gary’s personality and his approach to the wilderness. It also introduces some of the key characters in the story, including his sister Beverly and roommate Simon.

The film moves into a horror-thriller mode when Gary begins to lose control of his emotions in the secluded cabin. He becomes obsessed with the idea that someone else may live there and starts to believe that he is being targeted by an unseen force. The camera footage of Gary’s last night is shaky, but it is effective in terms of both sound and visuals. The simple night-cam lighting and music being played backwards in the background add to the tension and deliver a satisfyingly creepy conclusion.

The Film Is A Mockumentary

Two years ago, outdoors and survival enthusiast Gary Hinge disappeared while hiking in the Nevada desert. His disappearance was followed by a months-long police search and no trace of him has ever been found. Now, a documentary crew has caught up with his family and friends to dig into the mystery of his death. As they interview his roommate Simon, private investigator Bill, and television reporter Gal Roberts, shocking new evidence starts to emerge. This faux-documentary/found footage horror film centers around the mysterious disappearance of outdoor enthusiast and YouTube vlogger Gary Hinge. Using interviews with his sister Beverly, his roommate Simon, private investigator Bill, as well as his own video footage, the film seeks to keep its audience up to date on the latest developments in the case. The film also makes use of drone footage and fictional YouTube vlogs. The documentary format creates a sense of realism and keeps the audience engaged.

During his final trip, Hinge entered the wilderness to explore a cabin that he had discovered earlier. He was careful not to make any noise while moving through the rocky terrain, but as he approached the cabin, he suddenly felt a presence that seemed to be stalking him. Despite being an experienced hiker, he felt a sense of impending doom and turned his camera off to save his battery. While Hinge is a reputable survivalist, he is not a psychic. This is why he tries to avoid any encounters with supernatural entities that could cause him harm. He is a man who wants to live without the distractions of modern society and find solace in nature. Unlike his followers, who are obsessed with conspiracy theories, he is not interested in aliens, witches, or ghosts.

The ending of the movie is one of the most twisted and disturbing in found footage history. While some viewers have interpreted the end as a message about nefarious corporate interests, it is more likely that it is a supernatural vengeance against an intruder. The film has numerous references to Native American artifacts and closed mine tunnels, which makes it reasonable to assume that the attacker was a supernatural being protecting a sacred space.

The Film Is A Horror Film

The film is a mockumentary that tells the story of Gary Hinge, who disappeared in the Nevada desert in 2017. Hinge was an amateur explorer and survivalist who often traveled into the desert on multi-day expeditions. He was known to blog about his experiences and was popular with social media followers. When he failed to return home from this particular expedition, his sister Beverly reports him missing and authorities begin an investigation. The documentary interviews those closest to Hinge, including his roommate Simon and his sister Beverly. They reveal that he was pressured by followers to return to a specific location to prove that what he saw in the desert was real. The police try to narrow down their search area by pinging his cell phone, but they fail to locate it. The investigation also reveals that Gary’s truck was found abandoned with disturbing evidence inside.

Gal Roberts, a television reporter who is obsessed with finding the truth, begins interviewing local people and examining Gary’s belongings. Eventually, they find his backpack in the desert. Inside, they discover the hand that he was holding in the photo and the memory chip. The hand was cleanly severed and no fingerprints were found on it. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that the shack that Gary visited is actually a secret trap. Using Gary’s video footage, the producers of the movie attempt to recreate his journey into the desert and locate the shack. During their excursion, they encounter a mysterious creature that is revealed to be a human-like being with deformities.

The ending of the movie is shocking and leaves many unanswered questions. The filmmakers have done a good job of creating a sense of dread, especially when the camera is turned on at night and objects begin to glow in the dark. They have also done a good job of creating a narrative through dialogue and music. Horror in the High Desert is a very scary and spooky movie that uses a pseudo-documentary format to create a suspenseful narrative. Its use of the desert as a setting adds to its overall eeriness. It also has a great cast of actors and an original soundtrack. The film is a must-see for fans of found footage horror films.

The Film Is A documentary

The film follows the inexplicable disappearance of outdoors and survivalist vlogger Gary Hinge in the Nevada desert. After his disappearance, friends and followers of the vlogger began to document their expeditions into the wilderness in search of the cabin that Gary had spoken about in his videos. However, despite the massive months-long police search for Gary, no sign of him was ever found. The director, Dutch Marich, utilizes a familiar narrative technique that combines made-up talking heads and gorgeous landscape shots to create the illusion of an authentic documentary. The movie is also rife with disorienting music and shaky close-ups of the ground and surrounding flora. The result is a hypnotic, terrifying experience that will have viewers on edge from start to finish.

Despite the fact that no one was able to find Gary, a few clues were gathered in the weeks following his disappearance. Numerous fingerprints that did not match Gary’s were discovered on his truck, and a trail of barefoot footprints was found. In addition, a picture of a disfigured monster was found at the site where Gary disappeared. However, these hints were ultimately not enough to solve the mystery. Gary’s sister Beverly, his roommate Simon, investigator William “Bill” Salerno, and reporter Gal Roberts all interview in the film. They each have their own insight into what might have happened to Gary, but they are all unable to provide a concrete answer.


As the movie comes to a close, it becomes clear that Gary’s death was a murder committed by a deformed monstrous stranger. The killer was seen severing Gary’s arm, but the exact details of his killing were never revealed. The fact that the killer was a deformed monster seems to suggest that he was seeking revenge on Gary for his perceived online presence. The mockumentary’s final explanation of Gary’s death was unsatisfactory for some viewers. The fact that it was just a disfigured man hiding from society didn’t explain the cruelty of the creature, or the stench of smoke, the dizzying music, and the sense of impending doom that permeated the entire film.