Current Date:June 19, 2024

Every Caribbean Is Proud of the Versatile Frederick A. Morton, Jr., and Why Shouldn’t They

The Caribbean is home to wonderful tourist destinations, cultures, and people belonging to various identities. The region is a treasure in itself, and it will only be fair to say that Frederick A. Morton, Jr. is one of the most precious ornaments of it. After what he has accomplished for his motherland, Caribbean people have every reason to look at him for inspiration and get their spirits uplifted seeing his ever-smiling face. 

It’s not merely founding TEMPO Networks for which the islanders hold him in high regard. There were many from the region engulfed by a vast blue Caribbean sea who were already doing marvels on media platforms and covering the culture and lifestyle of the islanders in one way or the other. It was the way Frederick carried out TEMPO and submerged the entire platform into the arts, music, culture, traditions, and everything there was about the Caribbean.

After being launched in 2005, TEMPO soon surfaced as a synonym for the Caribbean. It represented, in Frederick’s words, ‘earth’s last Eden’ in the truest colors possible and brought the real life of people settled in multiple islands to the forefront. TEMPO unveiled some of the undiscovered but fascinating sites, because of which the local travel spiked and made new records. 

But Frederick’s biggest achievement was rejuvenating the Caribbean arts and culture. This particular aspect of his services to the promotion of the region shall always be appreciated whenever there’s a mention of Mr. Morton, or shall we say, Mr. TEMPO’s achievements. At TEMPO Networks, he introduced multiple shows that highlighted the cultural beauty of the region. The Caribbean is one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world as it houses many nationalities and ethnicities, some dwelling here for centuries. 

And as far as arts is concerned, Mr. TEMPO has worked tremendously in order to provide local artists with opportunities for sound careers. He has held reality shows, talent-hunt programs, and many other initiatives to find gems in the treasure that the Caribbean is. His efforts haven’t been without fruits. World-class artists such as Rihanna, who now enjoy their international celebrity lives, were first performed on the TEMPO stage. Similarly, there are many stars in the offing at TEMPO Networks and it’s only a matter of time before they shine bright like diamonds too.

Born on the beautiful island of St. Croix and nourished by Nevisian parents, Frederick is also an accomplished attorney. He has so far worked with some of the most prestigious law firms and marquee corporations like Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, Johnson & Johnson, and Viacom. Later, when he joined MTV as a Senior Vice President and Head of the Litigation Department, he started working on his idea of TEMPO Networks, an entertainment and lifestyle media network focused on the Caribbean. 

Currently, there’s a wave of excitement in the Caribbean diaspora everywhere in the world as Frederick has announced a streaming platform for TEMPO Networks. One cannot question the success of the Network’s streaming platform as with Mr. TEMPO in the driver’s seat, that seems assured!