Current Date:June 19, 2024

Capital Cube: Unlocking Financial Insights With Data Analytics

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Company Overview

CUBE CAPITAL LIMITED operates as an alternative investments boutique. The Company offers hedge funds, private equity, and direct real estate investment platforms. CUBE CAPITAL serves customers worldwide. The company’s treasury management system has the potential to improve top and bottom lines through revenue accelerators, optimum capital leverage and a digital front to back treasury. It helps maximize trading profits, increase fee based income and efficiently manage liquidity.

The company’s Treasury solution, capital cube, is an integrated platform that provides real-time view of exposures and risk to aid business growth for treasurers. It aids them to strategically manage balance sheet volatility, adapt to regulatory regimes, optimize liquidity and capital management and facilitating faster decision-making. The solution is backed by an experienced team and a comprehensive domain expertise.

Financial Analysis

In this collection, you’ll find companies that offer software to help participants in primary and secondary capital markets: institutional investors, hedge funds, asset managers, investment banks, and companies. These tech companies and startups are building software that can streamline, improve, and transform financial services, products, and operations for individuals and businesses. The company offers a contextual Treasury Management System with front to back treasury functionality. It enables to maximize trading profits, increase fee-based income and efficiently manage liquidity. It features real-time blotters and a trader centric UI that supports hedging, limits checks, pre-deal analysis and risk simulations.

Capable of 100 billion daily computations, the platform delivers actionable insights with scalable machine-created content on 50,000 stocks worldwide and North American ETFs – including generating analysis reports using natural language generation and visualisation. These include Fundamental, Dividend Quality, ESG and Balance Sheet Leverage Analysis.

Corporate Actions

Corporate actions can have a significant impact on the value of shares or bonds. Sophisticated investors keep a close eye on these events as they can signal the future prospects of the company. They can be either mandatory or voluntary. For example, dividend payments are usually welcome. Other examples include stock splits, mergers and acquisitions, rights issues (including Contingent Value Rights), spin-offs and name or trading symbol changes. These can affect both retail and institutional investors, but the impact may differ based on their size and strategy.

core banking system in india 21 is an integrated treasury and ALM solution providing rich functionalities like digital front to back treasury, contextual asset liability management, liquidity risk analytics and more. It helps treasurers optimize liquidity leverage, meet regulatory requirements and drive business growth.

Dividend Quality

A company’s ability to pay and grow its dividend is important for investors to consider. AAII analyzes companies’ dividend history, payment reliability and long-term growth trends to determine the strength of a company’s dividend. Cube Smart’s dividend quality is rated as high. This means that the company’s operating and investing cash flow is more than enough to cover the dividend payments, assuming no decrease in debt repayments or a withdrawal of deposits (for banks).

Cube Smart has raised its dividend four times in the past five years. Multiple dividend increases can indicate that a company’s FFO is growing, allowing it to continue paying dividends and expand purchasing power through dividend reinvestment programs. AAII’s Dividend Investing Grader assigns stocks an intuitive A-F grade based on key metrics concerning dividend valuation, growth and strength.

ESG Analysis

ESG is a buzzword that has been popping up more frequently in the financial world, impacting everything from asset managers & brokerage firms to research analysts’ day-to-day work and investment decision-making. This is because nonfinancial factors that have the potential to have an effect on a company’s sustainability are being taken into consideration more than ever before. These factors include things like how water-stressed a region is, how ethical its business practices are, if its products harm the environment, and workplace safety. A good ESG score can often mean strong stock market performance, but this isn’t always guaranteed.

Integrated treasury & ALM solution, fuelling business growth by ensuring liquidity exposures are monitored in real-time & balanced to risk/regulatory buffers. Supported by highly accurate macroeconomic and ESG nowcasting based on 14 billion alternative data points.


Capital Cube’s data analytics platform is a powerful tool for investors and financial professionals. It provides comprehensive financial analysis, allowing users to make informed decisions. In an era of data-driven investment, Capital Cube remains a valuable resource for those seeking to unlock financial insights and opportunities.