Current Date:May 23, 2024
Rockingham County

Benefits of Living in Rockingham County NC

Rockingham County, NC is located in the mid-northern section of NC, bordering Virginia. On the west, the county is surrounded by the beautiful Allegheny Mountains whereas, on the east, it is bounded by the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains. Rockingham County is especially known for its attractions and cultural opportunities. Perhaps, that’s what draws the attention of tourists and visitors from all across the globe.

The attractions such as Shenandoah National Park, George Washington National Forest, Skyline Drive, and some wonderful locations for hiking, camping, swimming, picnicking, fishing, etc make Rockingham a perfect holiday hub destination for tourists. But what about settling down in this region?

Of course, Rockingham County has beautiful attractions, delicious cuisines, cultural and religious activities, and amazing spots for performing a wide variety of activities. But the question is “Is Rockingham County a good place to move to? What about the neighborhood area?

How easy is it to find a perfect home in the region? Well, here we have come up with some amazing benefits of moving your home to Rockingham County, North Carolina. Read on to decide whether moving to this beautiful area is the right decision for you.

  • An Outdoor Wonderland

According to research, a lot of people are settling down in North Carolina. The reason is the quality of life, cost of living and climate as well as amazing attractions and good health care. As mentioned before, Rockingham County (often known as the North Star of North Carolina) offers a plethora of attractions.

The wonderful Haw River State Park is a main attraction of the area. There are three trails that visitors can choose from. Whichever trail you choose, you will get to see the wildlife of the region together with bridges, swamps, wetlands, headwaters, and a lot of beautiful scenery on the way.

Rockingham County is also known for its spectacular Belews Lake, and, of course, Chinqua Penn Plantation. The area is rich with plenty of parks and attractions. You can go hiking with your friends on the weekends. Luckily, that’s not it! If your main purpose for moving to Rockingham County, NC is attractions, the region is not going to disappoint you.

From Eden’s historical museums and archives of Rockingham County to the Freedom Park to the skating centers, the beautiful locations here won’t let you leave this area. Greensboro is just a short drive away if you want to take in “big city” attractions.

  • Job Opportunities

North Carolina is known for its three vital research universities established in Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham. Even though the universities are not located particularly in Rockingham County, the state of NC definitely has a plethora of job opportunities for people who are planning to move here. It is worthwhile to note that this area, known as the Research Triangle, is home to as many as 170 firms such as Cisco, Syngenta, and RTI International (to name a few).

As more and more people are moving to North Carolina, it is experiencing a revival of culture and art (which is making the county look more appealing than ever before).  Retirees will find a great place to live as well with golf courses, a lower cost of living, relaxed conditions with less traffic and easy access to great medical care.

  • The Food and Scene

Have you heard of the saying “You have not tasted real barbecue until you taste NC’s barbecue”? The saying clearly suggests how delicious this cuisine can be. In addition to being a perfect place for the sports enthusiast as well as nature-lovers, North Carolina is an amazing location for food-lovers. Some popular restaurants you can visit here include Reid’s House Restaurant, Bob’s Restaurant and Catering, King’s Inn Pizza parlor, Fat Mac’s Backyard BBQ, Sophisticated Soul, The Celtic Fringe and the list goes on. Greensboro is an easy drive.

  • Art and Culture

If food and attractions were not sufficient to entice you, the beautiful art and culture in the state of NC would definitely catch your attention. Being known for different traditions like music, craft festivals, and Folk Art, North Carolina is a place where you are never going to get bored. The exciting festivals and culture will keep you happy and occupied. Some of the art, museums and culture include the Blue Ridge Music Trails, Asheville Art Museum, Thalian Hall, Biltmore Estate and so on.

What else? Rockingham Country is home to good public as well as private schools and Rockingham Community College. Whether you are an art student or you are pursuing science or commerce, or would like to try something in the continuing education line, the educational institutions in this area can cater to all your requirements. Some of the high schools in Rockingham County are Spotswood High School and East Rockingham High School.

So, why wait? If you are planning to move to this county, note that there are many houses for sale in Reidsville NC. Before you miss out on the best and most affordable opportunity, start your search for homes in Rockingham County, NC right away.