Current Date:May 24, 2024
Lead Gen

Be the Sherlock Holmes of Realtors with Real Estate Lead Gen

It’s difficult to follow up on real estate leads. Wait. Rephrase that, please. Although it seems simple, following up on real estate leads can take a lot of time. It can take a lot of effort to follow up on leads you get from internet sources like your own website or a lead creation service. You really can’t do anything about it.

However, consistently following up with your real estate leads can go a long way toward making the work well worth it by generating commissions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

What I like to refer to as the detective stage is the first and most crucial thing to do with your real estate leads. Let’s be honest: How frequently are actual names, genuine phone numbers, real emails, and real addresses included in consumer online submissions that are 100% accurate? The response? Quite infrequently.

When completing contact forms, consumers frequently provide at least one piece of information that is false. Since they have no idea who will be receiving the information on the other end or what it will be used for, the phone number is frequently the problem.

Follow Up with Your Real Estate Leads

When it comes time to follow up with your real estate leads, this can be a hassle for agents. When making weekly follow-up calls, it’s crucial to do some detective work with your real estate Lead Gen before moving straight into the contact stage to avoid annoyance from running across wrong numbers or bogus names. Because the lead’s name sounded something like “John Smith,” I’ve seen a lot of agents discard leads without even bothering to follow up. So even if the name is incorrect, so what? You must continue to use it!

Examine each of your real estate leads thoroughly. Instead of their present address, some people may have provided the address of a property they’re interested in purchasing. Identifying whether a lead is a prospective buyer or seller is the first stage. Most contact forms that a homeowner would fill out would have some type of option to indicate whether they are a buyer or seller to buy appointments.

Public Directory Website

Your real estate leads should now be run through a public directory website. Reverse name, address, and phone lookups are possible on these websites, which are essentially online versions of the white pages. Find the address first, then check to see if the lead name and phone number supplied match the name and number listed for that address in the white pages.

If they all match, wonderful; it will be simple for you to get in touch with them. If the number doesn’t match, you should take note of the phone number in the white pages because it can be a different way to get in touch with them. Record the contact information from the white pages along with the details from the lead’s form if the name or phone number do not match what is shown in the white pages. To find out who submitted their information as a lead, check BOTH names AND numbers when you begin contacting your real estate pay per lead.

Once you’ve looked up the address, proceed to search up the name and phone number as well. Write down any information you find in the white pages and integrate it with the information from the initial lead. If you do this for, let’s say, 50 real estate leads, you’ll probably end up with a lot of additional contact details.

Double-Check That the Person

The next thing you should do is double-check that the person who submitted the lead is the same person who actually resides at the property by looking up each address in your real estate leads in the old tax records. Start digging up information on the person named on the previous tax records if they are not the same. To make sure the house isn’t already listed, you should also verify the MLS for each address. For the sake of having them in case you get the chance to drop by the home with information, you could even want to go and get directions to each property.

Final Word

The most crucial stage of follow-up is getting in touch with the lead once you have exhausted all possibilities for double checking your real estate leads’ contact information. You should have a ton of contact information to connect with your real estate leads thanks to your lookups; make advantage of it all. The key to success with your real estate leads is persistent and continuous follow-up. Use phone numbers, emails, and physical visits to the property.