Current Date:June 18, 2024
twin flame love

Are You Twin Flames or Soulmates?

The Twin Flame is activated to carry forth the most significant and potent act of global service through the human vehicle. It is simultaneously operating through the human vehicle and the cosmic level of the soul. The Twin Flame frequency is activated when one entirely and utterly surrenders to God, Divine Love, and Universal Oneness. The questions “What if,” “Why,” and “What happens next?” are no longer necessary.

Instead, it is requesting, “What now, God, for me?” Whether your Twin decides to continue with you or not, whether it was your destiny to be in a human relationship with your Twin or not, it is being so devoted to carrying out God’s purpose for All that Is that you carry on. Referring to Moe Wood, Twin Flames are not actual people; instead, they are cosmic frequencies.

Profound Resonance

Everybody has a twin flame and a twin flame love. twin flame loves are those with whom you have a profound resonance. When you first meet your twin flame love, you’ll feel a sense of familiarity, and there will likely be a lot of attraction. If you believe in reincarnation, your soul family includes mates who take on many identities, such as your mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, lover, or friend. They are those who work with you to solve karmic problems. You have more than one twin flame love, and each one is here to teach you lessons and make you stronger and wiser.

Your other half is your twin flame. The male and female halves of one soul have been polarized. It is the human model, illustrated by Eve’s Creation from Adam as his ideal spouse. Tradition holds that your significant other is typically on the other side, supporting you through your trials and tribulations on Earth. They are your dearest guardian angel, keeping you in your times of need and providing you with courage, hope, and guidance when you feel lost or alone.

The delivery of identical twins is the closest thing to this experience we are aware of. Their lives parallel because they have a strong psychic connection. The search for our true twin soul is fueled by a deep, ingrained need and unconscious love in each of us. The tale from which all myths are derived.


The number of twin flame love being born at the same time and in the right sexes and ages for relationships is rising. They are interacting now because they can create a highly potent type of unconditional love for one another that will hasten the spiritual development of the planet. Being able to forgive one another indicates unconditional love, and forgiveness breaks karmic ties. This love must develop to assist these twins in finding one another and creating a genuine connection, and it seems hundreds are willing to do so. Our awareness of this phenomenon has grown due to the most recent Venus retrogrades (the first in 2004 and the second in 2012).

Like the taiji symbol, Carl Jung’s conception of the male and female halves includes a small amount of the feminine in the masculine and vice versa for balance, his renowned “anima” and “animus.” We are also aware of the significance of yin and yang, or the feminine and masculine, in relationships and inside our personalities. For instance, if a couple is fighting, they are both young or “active,” In most cases, nothing is resolved since no one is listening.

Information can be assimilated if one person is yin (receptive) while the other is yang, or speaking. They can exchange polarities as necessary to allow each person to speak and be heard, but one must constantly be the opposing polarity for the optimum outcomes. There is growth and equilibrium in this approach.

Assist You in Locating

Every person has a twin flame, and some prayers can be used to assist you in locating or working with yours. Even if your Twin has not yet taken physical form, you can still manifest unconditional love by working with your twin soul through your present twin flame love relationship. Learning to listen to your partner without passing judgment is an essential skill, but it is not as simple as it may seem.

Although listening without passing judgment allows us to temporarily put our individual needs and feelings on hold, we all want and need to feel welcomed. Through this crucial human experience, we must learn to assist and support one another. When you love someone unconditionally, you accept them no matter what they do.

Final Thought

Do you know anyone who has been in an intense but also unpleasant and challenging relationship, yet this person finds it difficult to let go of the other? They may be twin flames if you do. There are ways to hasten the process of uniting in harmony, and guidance from a seasoned mentor can be quite beneficial. Because each Twin has free will, they may choose not to become one since the emotional impact may be too significant.

The necessity for all concerns to be addressed to heal might make the relationship challenging and protracted. Additionally, it happens frequently that one Twin is still bound up in other karmic bonds. Please get in touch with me if you or someone you know is going through this heartache or if you want to learn more.