Current Date:June 17, 2024

A Proud Advocate of the Oceans, Jason Borkland Aspires to Fight for the Voiceless and Save Our Planet

Do you want to do your part to protect the oceans but don’t know where to start? No matter who or where you are or what you do, there is a way for you to contribute to this cause. Jason Borkland is a living example of someone who has turned his passion for the ocean into a source of inspiration for others. Maybe you can learn a few things from the dedicated conservationist!

Jason began his diving career purely out of his love for high-adrenaline adventures. A born daredevil, he enjoys experiencing all the thrills life has to offer. In his free time, you will find him cliff diving in Jamaica, heliskiing in Telluride, or swimming with sharks in Pacific or Caribbean waters. There is nothing that can waiver his passion for adventure. However, something did change his complete outlook on life— the world that resides under the deep waters and the creatures, both gigantic and small, that inhabit it.

Throughout his early life as the heir to his father’s thriving automotive business, Jason was a complete gearhead who was fixing cars even way before he had his driver’s license. As he grew up to own the company, he worked hard to expand it to other areas of Austin, Texas. However, as we mentioned before, Jason did not let anything dampen his love for adventure. He pursued his passion for diving and became a PADI certified master diver who now helps other aspiring divers to accomplish their ambitions.

And as he dove deeper into the realms under the sea, it became impossible for him to come back up without a profound feeling of reverence. A sense of duty called on him to preserve these wonders for future generations. This is when he decided to give his life and efforts to marine conservation and became passionate about the plight of the ocean. 

Today, Jason uses his voice through social media and beyond to educate people about the hidden oceanic wonders and how they are in dire need of protection. His exceptional underwater videography skills are provoking his half a million followers to rethink their actions that impact the oceans and the life in them. He shares his deep-sea expeditions in collaboration with the scientific community for research and documentation purposes. Through his direct efforts, he has also produced images and videos that have been used worldwide by scientists, especially in Costa Rica, to move a policy change for the protection of critically endangered areas. 

A true change maker, Jason’s concern for ocean conservation is remarkable and shows his commitment to the voiceless, both above and below the sea. After all, without healthy marine ecosystems, life on land will eventually cease to exist. The good news is that you can join Jason’s mission to save the oceans too, as the waves cannot simply speak for themselves. Check out his Instagram @Jasonborkland and hop onto his inspiring journey of preserving marine life.