Current Date:June 25, 2024

9 Remote Locations for a Quiet Vacation

If you’re weary of fighting for beach towel space or selfie-sticks sticking out in front of that picturesque mountain backdrop, here are a few suggestions for less-traveled territory.

Here are 9 fabulously distant spots for your next trip, ranging from glorious icebergs and swampy rainforests to lovely sun-drenched islands with no sun lounger in sight.


It doesn’t get much more distant than the bottom of the Earth, where the light shines for six months of the year and the rest of the year is dark. Visiting this harsh but fascinating area of transparent icebergs, inquisitive penguins, humpback whales, and gliding albatrosses is a slog – albeit cruises departing from Ushuaia, Argentina, make it a lot less difficult journey than Ernest Shackleton’s.

Wrangell-St Elias National Park, Alaska, USA

Giant serrated peaks, blue-colored glaciers, steep gorges, and twisting rivers abound in America’s largest and least-visited national park. Caribou, grizzly, and black bears live in a pristine area of breathtaking beauty. Accommodation doesn’t get much more remote than this, with some accommodations only reachable by a risky flight in a small plane.

The Tarkine, Tasmania, Australia

In the Tarkine, don’t expect a map to guide you; much of this territory in Tasmania’s extreme northwest, rightly dubbed “The Forgotten Wilderness,” remains undiscovered. Walking and kayaking along its remote rivers and tributaries are the only ways to see vast sections of Australia’s oldest cool-temperate rainforest, untamed rivers, and a barren coastline pummeled by Patagonia’s seas.

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Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

This secluded hamlet on Greenland’s east coast, as difficult to get as it is to spell, is not for sun worshippers: it’s frigid, with its seas frozen in ice for much of the year. But there’s the pristine grandeur of Greenland’s National Park on its doorstep to lure outdoorsy nature enthusiasts (and those with thick mittens), with dogsledding experiences, sailing on glacial fjords, and the chance to view reindeer, the occasional polar bear, and walruses.

Rodrigues, Indian Ocean

This tranquil little island in the Indian Ocean, around 600 kilometers east of Mauritius, is the perfect spot to unwind from the stresses of contemporary life. You may stay with friendly locals and experience wonderful creole food at this laid-back resort, where gorgeous sandy beaches with no parasol insight meet absurdly blue water.

Amazon Rainforest, Southern Oriente, Ecuador

It’s undoubtedly distant, but that doesn’t mean it’s silent, especially with the noisy sound of magnificent birds and monkeys causing a ruckus. Because there is only one route through the Amazonian jungle, trekking or canoeing along its winding rivers is the best way to reach deep into it. Learn about the Shuar people’s healing techniques and myths by visiting with an ecotourism organization.

Pitcairn Island, South Pacific

You may have heard of Mutiny on the Bounty, the maritime tale of mutineers who deserted their commander and sought refuge on this tiny island in the South Pacific Ocean. A turbulent boat voyage from Tahiti, nearly a thousand kilometers distant, is the only way to visit two hundred years later. A homestay with one of the natives — there were 50 at last count – is a great way to see island life and the gorgeous tropical scenery.

Battle Harbor, Labrador, Canada

Because there are no same-day return ferries, you will have to stay the night if you take the one-hour boat ride from the mainland to the old, remote fishing community of Battle Harbor – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It provides the opportunity to stay in one of the beautifully preserved eighteenth-century clapboard houses located in a lovely Sub-Arctic scenery — with no automobiles to detract from the views. If you take a boat out, you’re likely to see whales as well as imposing icebergs.

Dolpo and She-Phoksundo National Park, Nepal

The fact that this location is home to the snow leopard, a famously camera-shy animal, demonstrates how remote it is. Visit impossibly high mountain communities and the harsh desolate landscapes of the highlands on a guided hike through the lush, lonely valleys of Shey Phoksundo National Park and around Phoksundo Lake’s blue waters.

Summing Up

It is always nice to go on a secluded vacation getaway. It helps in breaking the monotony of routine. You come back fresh and rejuvenated. Overall you feel a lot better taking a break. Take a trip to any one of the locations mentioned here to refresh yourself.